How to Win DraftKings NHL Fantasy Hockey Games

How to win money playing DraftKings Fantasy Hockey

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How to win Fantasy Hockey Games at DraftKings

1. Stacking Linemates

Stacking NHL Fantasy Hockey PlayersStacking is a DFS term that refers to a strategy where you use the majority of your roster spots on one NHL game you think or the Vegas odds makers think will be high scoring. You can also stack players from one team you think may blow someone out. Hockey forwards generally play on the same lines together and since they are on the ice at the same time that improves your chances of getting multiple points when a goal is scored. Some top players have line mates that aren’t a steep price so if you like one of the higher price players that night; look for who is on the line with him as the price average may go down by picking them both. Any combination can make you a winner on a given night when you are expecting a bunch of goals in the game.

2. Don’t pay up for a Goalie

There is a lot of parity in the NHL and on any given night the underdog can win. It's usually not a bad idea to spend salary cap money for a top goalie but you may find better value with a lower-tier goalie or backup in a spot start. You obviously don’t want to pick the goalie that is going to give up a bunch of goals but concentrate on favorable matchups against bad teams or a goalie that has been hot the last few games but his value hasn’t gone up at DraftKings yet.

3. Buy-low candidates

Some of DFS skill is based on speculation. Picking a player that has been in a slump the whole season and guessing the day of the breakout can fill your pockets with cash in a hurry. Look for cheap players with high upside in a potentially high scoring game that have slumped lately. ***Fantasy Tip*** watch for shots-on-goal trends - if a forward has had a ton of SOG in the last few games but has no goals to show, he could be due for a few to get in.

4. Don’t just look for Goals

NHL Blocked ShotsChicks dig Goals – and so do fantasy players! But you can win your fantasy NHL contest using all the categories. Shots on Goal (SOG), blocked shots, assists can make a goalless night still a success. Do some research on which players fill up other stats and that will make the goals they score just an added bonus!

***Fantasy Tip***When you click on a players profile at DraftKings it will show you the points they’ve scored and what their game logs have been showing you how many points they got in all categories.

5. Fantasy Hockey Sleepers Picks

How do you find Sleeper Picks at DraftKings? Players can slip through the cracks in DraftKings contests. A player gets moved up to the number one line, he’s put on the power play, a backup goalie gets the call playing a horrible team, a player returns from injury earlier than expected – all of these scenarios are ways that you can take advantage of low player values at DraftKings for a night or two before the prices get adjusted. This is how you find the DraftKings Sleeper Picks for your NHL fantasy games.

6. Streaks and home/Road splits

Sometimes 3rd line players get on a scoring streak. Usually some sort of change happened on the team and usually the streak will either correct itself or DraftKings will adjust the price accordingly. If you can spot the player as he is emerging then you can to pop him into multiple lineups and take advantage of the low price. Also keep an eye out for if a guy is a solid play at home or on the road or if he has a great history against a certain team, sometimes those are things you can’t find unless you do your own scouting.

7. Pay up for the Top NHL Fantasy Players

High priced salary cap players are that way because generally they produce. It’s great if you can pick the sleeper fantasy pick of the night but you will want to anchor your team with one or two higher priced guys because they more often than not will hit their fantasy points ceiling. You can’t rely on a guy just because he is a high price but do your research and decide which top fantasy pick is most likely to pop that night and score you the points you need.

8. Don’t overthink it!

You’ve done your research, you made your picks, you know everything you need to know about last minute starters and injuries…and then you start to tinker with the lineup and make massive changes. If it works and you win - you look like a genius but more often than not you watch the games and see guys you originally had in your lineups do well and your new picks fail. Unless there is a last second injury, trust your instincts. Don’t read other people’s opinions or listen to others and sway your original picks. If they knew everything there was to know about NHL fantasy hockey, they wouldn’t be giving away DraftKings fantasy picks…they would be cashing in on the DraftKings Sniper Contest!

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