NHL Pool Picks - How To Make The Best NHL Pool Picks For Fantasy Hockey

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How To Make The Best NHL Pool Picks

We all do this when looking for NHL Pool Picks...We check out expert picks for Top Player Lists for each position, Top Fantasy Sleepers and NHL Fantasy Busts and then we compile all that info and jump into our own office hockey pool.

When trying to come up with a team for playing Daily Fantasy Hockey For Money, the process can be a lot simpler if you stick to a game plan in your research and focus on certain fantasy hockey strategies that will in the end, get you more wins than losses.


Here are some great tips for how to make the best NHL Pool Picks for your Daily Fantasy Hockey leagues.

Focus on the Goalie As Your Most Important Pick

At most Daily Fantasy Hockey sites, the goalie position is the one that can gain you the most points with. A goalie will face an average of 30 shots making 25-30 saves (usually worth half a point each or 1 point each), and if the team wins, he will get bonus points for the win as well. You can pick the best offensive player in the NHL and he could be in a game that his team wins 1-0 and he ends up with no points, whereas a goalie can lose 4-3 and still get you a bunch of points. Find a goalie on a top tier team in the NHL playing a defensive minded or low scoring under .500 team. This will improve your chances of getting a win and maybe even a shut out but your goals against should be low.

The Power Play Means Serious Points

The power play in an NHL game on average results in 1 goal a game per team. That means 1 player will get a goal and possibly two will get an assist. The power play also results in an increase in shots on goal which most NHL fantasy hockey sites reward the player for too. Often the top players on a team are on the power play - but not always - so this is where doing some research of who consistently plays on the power play will help your team immensely.



Focus on Players From High Scoring Teams

Here is the easiest NHL Pool Pick strategy...If a team scores a lot because of an offensive minded philosophy, players on that team are more likely to score many more fantasy points. We can’t obviously fill our team with the stars of the NHL due to our salary cap, but other players on the team will benefit from the offensive team philosophy as well. Bargains can be found by looking at second line or third line players on a team that scores a lot.

Who’s the 3rd Forward?

Often, a coach will take his two best players and put them on the first line together. But who is the 3rd forward? Often a player that has chemistry with the two stars will get the nod as the third player but his value will be lower at the beginning of the NHL season until daily fantasy hockey sites catch up and begin to raise his value. Look at early season line matchups and take advantage of undervalued players that all of a sudden get a crack at playing with the best players on the team. Additionally, keep an eye out when a team struggles, as coaches like to shake up lines and will either promote someone else to the 1st line, or demote one of the star players to the second line which can increase the value of the players there.

Do your research

Make sure the players you choose are healthy. Make sure your players are starting and not sitting out a game to rest (especially goalies). Watch to see who’s hot and who’s not in the NHL. Check out which teams are playing back to back or are on long road trips. These are all factors that can make or break a fantasy lineup and are things that good NHL fantasy owners look at when they make their winning lineups. Follow team reporters on Twitter and get the latest updates on lineup changes and how teams and players are doing overall. If you simply pick players you know and like on the list when setting your salary cap roster, you won’t make any money playing Daily NHL Fantasy Hockey.

Watch As Many Games as Possible

You can read about hockey fantasy stats and lineups until your eyes are as big as pucks, but by simply watching NHL hockey games, you will get you knowledge that will help you win your fantasy hockey pool. Listen to the announcers for their insight, watch the intermission commentary and you can gain valuable tips and advice that will help you make better NHL Pool Picks for future fantasy pool lineups.


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