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As the NHL prepares for a new season, fantasy hockey fans begin to call up friends and co-workers looking to join an NHL Fantasy Hockey Pool. Often it is not easy to get a pool going as it can be hard to find other fantasy hockey fans who are willing to spend the time and money to play. So many turn to looking for NHL fantasy hockey pools online. Again, this can occasionally prove difficult as most hockey pools are full or don't end up running.

Not a problem any more...there are NHL Fantasy Hockey Pools being played every night at FanDuel.com.

FanDuel is one of the top daily fantasy sites and are one of the industry leaders in providing NHL fantasy hockey pools to play.

Unlike traditional season long hockey pools, FanDuel allows you to play in a fantasy hockey pool EVERY NIGHT!

With daily fantasy hockey there is no more worrying about injuries...forget about suspensions and cast aside your concerns about a poor start to your NHL fantasy hockey season…At FanDuel, you can play a new fantasy hockey pool DAILY!

How It Works...

Every night at FanDuel, you can create a team using a set salary cap number and a list of all the NHL players playing that night.

Set a lineup...pick how many people you want to play against and how much you want to wager...then sit back, turn on the TV and watch your players score you the fantasy points you need to win that night! Simple.

Hey, if you lose (but you won’t because you have done your homework), try again the next night…that’s the beauty of NHL Hockey Pools online at FanDuel - you can play a new game every day and win money every day!

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Play Now and Claim Your Bonus...

Let’s face it, the traditional season long NHL fantasy hockey pool is disappearing. Daily fantasy hockey is what people are starting to talk about and this is your opportunity to take advantage of great bonus offers that a site like FanDuel is offering to get more people into the game. If you make a deposit at FanDuel using our link below, you will get a FREE Game ticket to use in a cash game. In other words, if you put in any amount, your account will be credited with a game ticket to use towards playing in their NHL Sniper Contest. Play for a HUGE cash prize right off the bat for FREE!

Sign up to FanDuel.com HERE and stop wasting time looking for elusive NHL Fantasy Hockey Pools…Play at the best NHL Fantasy Hockey site and start making Cash!

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