2016 Top Daily Fantasy Hockey Picks for FanDuel and DraftKings

2016 – 2017 Top NHL Fantasy Hockey Picks for DFS Lineups

Crosby and OvechkinYou’ve probably already done your 2016 NHL Fantasy Hockey Pool draft and are set to slog through your full NHL season fantasy league. You’ve also probably looked at entering a lineup into Hockey Night in Canada’s Fantasy Pool and Sportsnet’s SN Fantasy Pool. What you haven’t done is figured out which Fantasy Hockey Players are guys you can count on all year long playing Daily Fantasy Hockey at FanDuel.

Yes Daily Fantasy Hockey is growing and if you are still using pencil and paper in your buddy’s basement to tabulate fantasy points for your season long NHL Fantasy Pool then you need to wake up and step into the future.

If you have no idea what Daily Fantasy Hockey is then read this page first What is Daily Fantasy Hockey, then you can check out our list below of NHL players that you will want to look at plugging in nightly to help build your NHL Fantasy lineup.

The guys below are generally going to be the highest priced players at DraftKings and FanDuel but that’s because they produce. You won’t be able to use all of them and you will want to pick matchups for when you pick certain guys for your DFS lineup but regardless, these are the guys that you will be looking at every night.

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2016/2017 Top Fantasy Hockey Players for FanDuel and DraftKings

1. Sidney Crosby, Forward – The first half of last season was abysmal and then he poured in on in the second half of the season. He seems to be rejuvenated and could make 2016/2017 a monster year. Look to see who his line mates are and see if you can stack someone with him when you pick him for your fantasy hockey lineup.

2. Jamie Benn, Forward – Benn fills up the stat sheet when he plays and normally is paired with another great fantasy player Tyler Seguin which allows them to dominate offensively on certain nights.



3. Patrick Kane, Forward – No signs of slowing down offensively and with all the shots he takes, the power play opportunities and how well he clicked with last year’s rookie Artemi Panarin, Kane will once again be a solid pick for your FanDuel fantasy hockey lineup.


4. Carey Price, Goalie – Probably the best goalie in the NHL (when healthy) and showed at the World Hockey Championship that he is back and ready to be a fantasy hockey monster. He will be costly at FanDuel most nights but pick your spots against weak offensive teams and he should help you cash in your lineup.


5. Erik Karlsson, Defense – Normally I don’t pay up too much for a defensemen when I build a fantasy hockey lineup but Karlsson plays and scores like a forward. If he is at a reasonable price then stick him into the lineup and collect the points.


6. Alex Ovechkin, Forward – The best pure scorer in the NHL hit the 50 goal mark last year. Unfortunately the assists are few and far between but he takes a ton of shots and will rough it up for some penalty minutes which will score you a bunch of fantasy hockey points at FanDuel as well.


7. Connor McDavid, Forward – Last year’s rookie Phenom will be overlooked because he only played half the NHL season but look for him to take a major step in 2016 -2017 and possibly a new offensive philosophy in Edmonton could see him score even more fantasy points.


8. Brent Burns, Defense – Another defenseman that plays like a forward. He takes a ton of shots and led all defensemen in power play points so he is given all the chances to score you points whenever you pick him for your fantasy team.


9. Johnny Gaudreau, Forward – This kid in only getting better and is usually a bit lower priced at DraftKings because of some of the other big names listed above. To take advantage when he is priced low you need to check out the games every night at DraftKings and see how he is priced.


10. Vladimir Tarasenko, Forward – Completely underrated for a 40 goal scorer but he is only 24 and is only going to get better. Could be in line for a big 2016/2016 NHL fantasy hockey season so keep an eye on him and play him often.


You can’t win if you don’t play. Check out our list of Free Fantasy Hockey Leagues and decide where to use our Top 2016 NHL Fantasy Hockey Picks.

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