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What Is Daily Fantasy Hockey?

Ever spend countless hours researching for your NHL fantasy pool draft only to have your 1st round draft pick (e.g. a Crosby or Malkin) go down to a stupid season ending injury in the 1st or 2nd game of the season?

After getting over the initial disappointment and bragging that it won't matter, believing for a moment that you will still "kick ass", the true pain finally sets in and you realize that your NHL fantasy hockey year went to shit because you know that after you lose your best fantasy player, too many things need to go right for you to salvage your season!

I have a solution to that painful feeling and it comes in a new industry that continues to grow every year - Daily Fantasy Hockey.

Daily Fantasy Hockey

Daily Fantasy Hockey takes your typical yearly NHL fantasy hockey pool and turns it into a 1 day event.

You pick a team using all the players playing on that particular night, set a lineup, choose your opponents, decide how much you want to risk and you’re all set. At the end of the day, you know whether you’ve won or lost…immediate fantasy satisfaction...and, the best part...you get to do it all over again tomorrow!


Why Play Daily Fantasy Hockey?

  • 1 DAY FANTASY NHL GAMES – No season long commitments. Just pick a lineup, pick an opponent and watch how your team does. At the end of the night, you either win or lose.
  • VARIOUS SIZE POOLS – Play another fantasy player head to head, or play 5 other players for a larger prize pool. Or play in a huge tournament - with a chance to win thousands of dollars!
  • PLAY THE GAMES YOU KNOW YOU CAN WIN AT – Why spend your money on a weekly pool when you don’t have a good feel for some of the games? If you don’t like the Thursday fantasy lineups available, play Saturday instead.
  • INJURIES CAN BE YOUR FRIEND – In a regular NHL fantasy pool, you get an injury, you lose! In Daily Fantasy Hockey, an injury could be your opportunity to make a better lineup with replacement players.


Some will argue that Daily Fantasy Hockey is not a replacement for the fun of planning, drafting, trash talking the other bitches in the pool, and the big time reward of winning a season-long NHL fantasy league…I say, if I can make more money and have games that count everyday, then I like the new way of playing NHL fantasy hockey. Bottom line - it is about the money!


Win Money Playing Daily Fantasy Hockey


Daily Fantasy Hockey Still Offers:

  • PLANNING – A lot of work goes into scouting even for just one day of games.
  • DRAFTING – You can’t simply pick the best players, you need to decide who fits under your salary cap just like real GMs do.
  • TRASH TALKING – Most Daily Fantasy Sports sites have a chat feature that allows you to make new friends, make arrangements with current friends and trash talk when you win against any and all opponents. You can even brag by connecting your account to Facebook and Twitter.
  • REWARD – The best part of course, you can win money every night!


Bottom Line...

To answer the question - What Is Daily Fantasy Hockey? It is your typical NHL fantasy pool played in just one single day. Try it now for free!

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